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Wendell Shortt, CEO, Ascension Advising Solutions, LLC


Ascension Advising Solutions, LLC, in its current state, is an evolution and culmination of years of client and prospect interaction across many lines of business and incorporating an international reach.  Through many years of enterprise experience, the owner, Wendell Shortt, has identified a very effective and straightforward approach to providing companies a cost-effective means of gaining directed market exposure, and as a result, greater market expansion.


Our Vision is comprised of the simple desire to bring the rich heritage and unique products of companies to a common meeting ground with prospective business owners who are looking for top-tier quality for their businesses, regardless of geographic or cultural limitations.  We will provide a trusted, convenient, and accessible medium for international organizations seeking to provide their products on a global scale via a cost-effective online marketing platform, both B2B and B2C.

Our Services

•    Corporate Training Programs
•    Sales Brokerage Services
•    Business Development
•    Globalization
•    Business Optimization
•    Lead Generation
•    Lead Conversion
•    Sustainability
•    Strategic Planning
•    Escrow Services
•    Business Coaching

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