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Is your business seemingly stuck in a cycle of consistently mediocre performance?

Business challenges

As a business leader, what if I can provide you with the actionable knowledge that will empower you to personally oversee, achieve and maintain your business operations at its optimal state, and also allow you to empower others at your organization to do the same?

I have built a 12-month Corporate Training Program that focuses on total Organizational Optimization (as follows), and will allow you to do just that!

This is a highly concentrated leadership empowerment training program that equips leadership to oversee and implement business optimization projects within their organization, and empower their direct and/or indirect reports.

A. KEY INFORMATION: Client Information Hub--Here you can peruse the tabs to see the Executive Summary, Curriculum, and Program Objectives, etc. for the program itself and what the program will do for you. For more information about me as it relates to the Organizational Optimization program, please see the Personal Profile tab:

B. The Client Program Order form is here, which will start the client onboarding process for your organization: program-order-cpo/

Once the CPO form is submitted, my client services team will set up an informational meeting, if needed, as well as oversee the implementation of the program.

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A quick overview:

Overview: Any established business consists of the innerworkings of many moving parts. Many inputs contributing to across many threads to provide many outputs. Corporations are generally structured as tiers or layers of operations, all contributing in an upwards fashion to what is considered to be the overall goal(s) of the organization. Business optimization as a system that drives towards a particular outcome, can be constructed to be implemented at a process level within only one particular workflow within one small department, and likewise, can also be applied globally to the organization as a whole. This Organizational Optimization Program at its core is devised to be pliably overlaid and implemented either microscopically or scaled macroscopically within an organization, based on the perceived needs of the leadership team(s) within a said organization; i.e., this program can be implemented in series or simultaneously throughout departments to optimize processes at the departmental level, or can be zoomed out to be presented to C-Suite executives with a more global perspective concerning the overall needs of the organization as a whole. The Overview of the program will be presented informationally as a means to establish initial awareness to the leadership team(s) and generate internal discussion as to its implementation. The intent of the program is to enable the leadership team to look through an established lens in order to identify areas of improvement, act upon them accordingly, and ultimately increase profits and positively affect return on investment. Further, this 12-month program is designed to expand accordingly based on project scope, as well as having an innate capacity to be implemented multiple times within an organization, within and across departments and/or business units.

I provide a 12-month Corporate Training Program for Organizational Optimization that consists of the following online, distance learning Workshops, provided via a top-tier service provider:

Month 1: Optimization Overview

Month 2: Needs Prioritization

Month 3: Current State

Month 4: Re-evaluating Priorities

Month 5: Future State

Month 6: Project Proposal

Month 7: Plan Establishment

Month 8: Plan Implementation

Month 9: Measuring Effectiveness

Month 10: Process Evaluation

Month 11: Establishing Sustainability

Month 12: Future Opportunities

An optimized business gives you the best odds to meet and exceed your goals and be a leader in your industry!

Business success

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