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Foundational Activities to Optimize your Business - Part 2

In our last blog post, we talked about two areas to work through in maximizing your current business resources. They were:

  • Identify and Accept Where you are Now

  • Brainstorm for Unconventional Breakthroughs

Today we'll cover three more, which are:

  • Allow the soul of your business to shine through

  • From breaking even to breaking the bank

  • Leverage your own unique business contributions to the world

Allow the soul of your business to shine through

Every business can be viewed as having a soul--you likely established it when your business was just starting. It’s that passion, freshness and momentum you infused it with at its inception. Sometimes, that quality can get lost along the way as your business evolution slows or experiences challenges. You have to implement a process to break out of that rut and keep your business’s true soul at the forefront of how you operate.

The philosophy of putting your client’s needs above your own is key to ongoing success. You need to serve your clients and not necessarily just sell to them. They will appreciate that you have a process in place to continue to bolster your relationship with them. Then, add to these responsibilities your personal, focused ability to solve their problems, handle special situations, be a friend to them and focus on offering valuable, high quality products/services. Only then will you get back to the basics and find you have more resources than you thought.

This heart of a business is seen also in the negative, such as when a business founder leaves, and long-time customers also gradually leave once they experience what is perceived as a negative culture shift away from the founder’s originating effect on an organization.

From Breaking Even to Breaking the Bank

One of the classic and common strategies to attract new clients is to offer them a ridiculously low price on their initial purchase and lock them in for future purchases. You see this approach with movie or book clubs and even credit card companies who offer lower interest rates for the first six months.

Essentially, you are offering them a deal on their first purchase and then you offer them add-on products along the way. These come in at naturally higher prices and will bring current customers into more of an imbedded relationship with you and your company.

Leverage your own unique business contributions to the world

You need to stand out from the pack among your competitors. They only way you can do this through consistency and value. You do this by discovering what your USP’s (Unique Selling Proposition) are and leveraging them to the benefit of getting sales. Here are some tips to help you clarify and develop your USP’s:

  1. Look for unfilled needs in your industry and optimize your business portfolio and resources to craft the solution. Be willing to evolve with your market.

  2. Out of your USP’s, which one(s) float to the top as your Market-Dominating Position? Tell the world about it! Know how to present your uniqueness.

  3. Study your market destination and initiate preemptive marketing.

If you need help with any of these areas and techniques, Contact Us to access a wealth of resources and tools.

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