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Ascension Advising Solutions, LLC provides the subject matter expertise and implementation of the business and marketing plan, at a global level. Additionally, by having an extensive portfolio for providing comprehensive business services, this allows the business owner to be at an optimal position to succeed by choosing to partner with Ascension Advising Solutions, LLC as their provider for total business optimization solutions.


To appropriately scale your business, the need exists for providing expertise on several fronts for international expansion and presence:

1. Establishment of an in-country presence via promotional activities.

2. Establishment of customer base via direct sales brokerage activities, and the resulting implementation of a sales team as a result of ongoing evaluation

3. Creation of a repeatable and scalable lead generation and lead conversion process template for applying to additional geographic markets 

4. Business and Marketing knowledge transfer, business strategy prioritization and implementation

5. Business Optimization training and services to ensure long-term business sustainability for your organization, such as establishing a market-dominating position, and increasing business transactions, revenue, and profits.

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